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Sucrazit Tablets 75, 300, 500, 700 & 1,200 units

For decades the friendly green and yellow mushroom has been a preferred source of sweetness and the sugar alternative of choice for people around the world – a sure sign of quality and a guarantee of good taste. Our original line of saccharine based tablets continues to grace tables everywhere.

Over the years, we’ve “grown” the mushroom format to family size (1,200 tablets) and added some new dispenser sizes (500 and 700 tablets), but the concept remains the same: a delicious, sugar-like flavor experience with no after-taste and no calories. drop it in a hot drink or cold beverage and watch as it dissolves effortlessly. The fulfillment of its promise is just a sip away…

TABLETS 1 tablet (no calories) = 1 teaspoon of sugar (20 calories) Powered by בניית אתרים - אפסייט