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About Biscol

Established in 1938, Biscol Ltd. is one of Israel’s most enduring and prestigious privately held companies. For over three generations the family-owned concern has flourished as a pioneer in tabletop sweeteners, developing a full complement of tablet, powder and liquid-based products that have gone on to charm palates in Israel and all over the world. Quality without compromise, impeccable taste and a genuine love of the sweet life are the cornerstones of our proud tradition.
“Sucrazit”, the brand name under which all of our products are sold worldwide, enjoys the rare distinction of having become the accepted Hebrew definition for “sugarless sweetener” in the local market where we command a 65% of all sales. On the international scene, the brand in all its various forms and tastes is enjoyed far and wide, from Russia and Serbia, to Ukraine and the Baltic States, South Africa and beyond.
Produced with loving care in our pristine, ISO 22000 and HACCP certified production plant, Sucrazit continues to be in the vanguard of innovation in the industry. Developing superior sugar-free alternatives is the ongoing passion that drives us sweetly forward. Powered by בניית אתרים - אפסייט